envisioning a future where our indigenous traditions co-exist with(in) our urban landscapes


I am an unapologetic first-generation brown femme navigating the discourse between decolonization and spirituality through art and healing practices. Daughter of the Bikol, Kapampangan, and Ilokano lineages - I seek to unravel the layers of deceit we inherit through colonization. My art revels in the discovery of un/known intersections between dance theatre, performance art, and performance ritual and through this, my vessel is able to access, inquire, and explore through intercession. Beyond this - I simply desire for my community to feel whole while oceans away from our ancestral lands.



Photos by Robbie Sweeny

igniting critical dialogue through transformative art






san francisco (yelamu)

UxI is an intergenerational multidisciplinary arts festival that seeks to explore our collective identity and respective ancestral lineages through an intersectional and intercultural framework.


san francisco (yelamu)

silbihan is a multimedia performance ritual that investigates the (dis)connections between mothers and daughters of the diaspora through the lens of religion versus spirituality – centered on the daughters’ discovery of the babaylan.


Malice in Tenderland

tenderloin, san francisco (yelamu)

Malice in Tenderland is a site-specific piece envisioned and performed by SAMMAY embedded within This Is What I Want Festival: DESIRE. Malice sets off to find the funeral for patriarchy and finds herself in some unexpected situations along the way.


Last Blue Couch in the Sky

south of market, san francisco (yelamu)

Under the direction of Kim Epifano/Epiphany Dance Theatre, Last Blue Couch in the Sky took audience members on a 3-hour journey from Tutubi Plaza to YBCA Forum and spoke to the ever-changing tides of the city and specifically, South of Market.