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maogmáng pag-abót!

("welcome!" in bikol)

SAMMAY (Samantha Peñaflor Dizon) is a Bay Area-based healer, interdisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and educator of Kapampangan, Ilokano, and Bikol descent born and bred in Carson, CA/Tongva Territory and now a settler in San Francisco, CA/Ramaytush Ohlone Territory. Since 2015, Dizon has performed professionally throughout the Bay Area and has toured nationally and internationally through both her performance practice and facilitation. She has been featured through Dance Mission Theater, Red Poppy Art House, Eastside Arts Alliance among others and has worked with The Medea Project, Kularts, Dancing Earth, and Epiphany Dance Theater among others. She is a Core Member of Embodiment Project and played the role of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris in Music of the Actualized Child at ODC Theater. Dizon’s choreographic and directorial work include: Spirits of the Streets (2015); Finding S (P) A C E (2015); Remember Our Place? (2016); faces ‘n’ names (2016); Reclaim BAE (2016); Malice in Tenderland (2017); silbihan (2017); and H.O.L.Y. CITY (Hate Often Loves You) (2018). Dizon has been a guest artist through Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance, USF Performing Arts and Social Justice Department, UCSB Multicultural Center, and UH Maui as the East Meets West Festival 2018 Featured Choreographer.

In 2016, Dizon was part of the inaugural cohort for the CrossOver Collaborative Residency at Red Poppy Art House; the Featured Performing Artist for APAture 2016: Here presented by Kearny Street Workshop; and the Performing Diaspora 2016 Artist-in-Residence at CounterPulse. She taught for DANCES WITH WOLVES: Indigenous Contemporary Dance Master Class Series in New York/Lenapehoking and performed in the first ever Indigenous Dance Forum. In 2017, she made her short film debut as Charm in Flip the Record – a coming of age story set in the 1980s highlighting the contributions of Filipino-Americans in the Bay Area turntablism scene. In 2018, Dizon was selected as an ArtShare Residency Partner through American Conservatory Theater and was the closing act for APAture 2018: Re:PLACE Music Showcase.

Dizon is a three-time recipient of the "Presented by APICC" Artist Award and was the first ever Featured Festival Artist for the annual United States of Asian America Festival presented by Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center in 2018. Founding Artistic Director of intercultural multidisciplinary arts festival, URBAN x INDIGENOUS (UxI), she celebrates “urban-Indigenous futurism” as a pathway to collectively realize the potentialities within and through the intersection of our Indigenous traditions and urban contemporary landscapes. Dizon continues to expand UxI’s endeavors within the global Indigenous community through critical dialogue, workshops, and public art presentations centered in intercultural and intergenerational exchanges through an intersectional framework. Dizon recently traveled to Huancayo, Peru to present at Kallpay Warmi Indigenous Arts Festival 2019.

Dizon’s multidisciplinary artistic training includes: Silvestre Dance Technique Intensive in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (2014); Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute (2014) in New Orleans, LA; Bindlestiff Studio Stories High Workshop in San Francisco, CA (2015); Rennie Harris Rhythm House Intensive (2016) in San Francisco, CA; Alayo Cuban Dance Intensive (2016) in Havana, Cuba and Santiago da Cuba, Cuba; Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Intensive (2016) in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Marta Moreno Muñoz Performance Art Workshop (2017) in Manila, Philippines; Get Free Hip Hop Dance Intensive (2018) in San Francisco, CA; La Pocha Nostra Performance Art Intensive (2018) in San Francisco, CA; and Centro de Teatro do Oprimido International Training (2018) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, Dizon trains with professional vocal coach, Rhoda Gravador, in San Francisco, CA. Dizon holds a B.A. in Media Studies and Sociology and minors in Dance & Performance Studies and Global Poverty & Practice from UC Berkeley.

(click photo above to view CV)  Top Photo by Scott Tsuchitani  Bottom Photo by Earl Buenaobra

(click photo above to view CV)

Top Photo by Scott Tsuchitani

Bottom Photo by Earl Buenaobra